Three (3) essential things to bring on your Beach-cation!

BEACH HERE I COME!!! But wait! While you think you are all prepared for your beach get away, check out this list first to confirm you have packed all your essentials and travel without worries!


Alright, so the list has to start with a SUNBLOCK! Yes, a sunblock! Whether you're heading to a beach, to your office or whenever you're outdoor, it is necessary to cover yourself with a sunblock, much more when on the beach. Preferably with a high SPF to protect your skin

to prevent cancer. YES! Sunblock prevents cancer and not only that, it also prevents you from aging! We're all going to age obviously, but if you could prolong your youthful skin, why not? Sunblock also helps you get an even skin tone and prevents sunburn. With all these benefits, why forget it on your list? So Things to bring on the beach No. 1 list is a sunblock!


So you got your sunblock, what's next? Bring Aloe Vera gel! Yup! Not that you expect on the typical advisory of things to bring but yup! Aloe Vera is also essential.

This is an emergency first aid remedy for those who forgot to put their sunblock on and experience a burning sensation on there skin. So here's what you do, when you forgot to put sunblock on your skin and while you bask into the beach, enjoying the sun and having fun, at the end of the day, your skin starts to get tomato red and you feel that burning sensation, watch out! Because you're about to experience sun burn! But your aloe Vera is here to the rescue! Have a good wash, spread as much aloe Vera gel on your 'soon to be burnt' skin. And voila! No more sun burn! Just make sure to frequently apply aloe Vera on your skin until you don’t feel the burning sensation.


Since, we got our aloe Vera as out first aid remedy for sun burn, let's get it going with our 3rd list of things to bring which is the medicines! Yup! Though, there are mostly drugstores available in your vacation destination, It is still necessary and highly recommended for you to bring your own medicine. Why? Because first, you wouldn't know where you'll need it and maybe you're in a remote area. Second, the meds that you need may not be available at the drug store for whatever reason there is. Here's some checklist of your medicine kit apart from your daily maintenance (if you have)

Basic Medicine

Paracetamol - For Head ache or Flu

Loperamide - Tummy problem

Kremil-S - Acid Reflux

Bonamine - For Dizziness

Petroleum Jelly or Drapoline - Anti inflammatory cream for minor wounds

So that's the 3 essential stuff to bring, that most often taken for granted. Make sure it's on your list because prevention is always better than cure.

Happy beach-cation everyone!

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